Amazon Without Fires Program PASF

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Achievements 2021 -2022

  • National formation of 9 Specialist Brigades in Comprehensive Fire Management, with 231 participants from 24 areas of the National System of Protected Areas and 20 Fire Departments.
  • Development of 6 courses for the formation of Community Brigades, with 182 participants from 24 communities. 60% of participants are women.
  • Execution of the BREMIF Leaders Course with 38 participants. This space seeks to train leaders who include integral fire management as a territory management strategy.
  • Promotion of good alternative practices to the use of fire in 9 Field Schools, 143 linked families. The management model is the installation of bio-factories that promote the reduction in use of chemicals for agricultural activities and constitutes a space for exchange and rescue of knowledge from both agricultural and livestock management and the use of fire, with the purpose of including them in the planning of alternatives to the use of fire for the benefit of the income productivity of the peasant families, protection of the natural heritage and the environment.
  • Launching of the national campaign “No More Forest Fires” in the years 2020 and 2021, starting with this activity, local campaigns are presented together with environmental education and awareness activities linking the general population.
  • In the period 2020 to 2021, 62 awareness-raising spaces have been held on forest fire prevention and comprehensive fire management, linking 1,865 participants.